Election pledges

Here are Steve’s five pledges for Croydon North.

Save Croydon University Hospital

The Tories have listed Croydon University Hospital as an option for closure or downgrading.  They’ve cut the NHS by a fifth in real terms, left Croydon with fewer GPs than the London average, and created a crisis in care services for older and disabled people. Now they’re planning £36m more cuts over the coming year – enough to pay the salaries of over 1000 nurses.

Fair pay and an economy that works for all

Wages have fallen in real terms since the Tories went into Government – the first time in a century this has happened. Under the Tories, over a third of Croydon workers earn less than a real living wage. Steve says it’s time Croydon had a pay rise and will vote to raise the minimum wage to £10 an hour.

Cleaner streets and a crackdown on fly tipping

Funding for services in Croydon like street cleaning has been slashed under the Conservatives – so they can hand our money to Surrey. Steve’s been working hard with Croydon Council for cleaner streets in Croydon North and recently held a community summit to tackle the state of local streets. But we need fair funding to make sure our services are protected.

More police on local streets

Serious violence, domestic crime and knife crime are all on the rise. Yet the Tories have cut Croydon’s police, closed every police station in Croydon North, and cut funding for positive youth activities. Steve’s calling for more police on the beat in every neighbourhood to lead a fightback against the criminals.

Protect jobs, rights and the environment during Brexit

The Tories want a blank cheque for a hard Brexit that imposes taxes and tariffs on trade with Europe – pushing up prices, threatening jobs and investment, and reducing environmental protection. The Lib Dems have ruled out any coalition with Labour – but left the door open to doing a deal that keeps the Tories in power.

Steve campaigned against Brexit and is now calling for a fair deal that protects British jobs, rights and the environment.

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