More Jobs

Unemployment is still unacceptably high in Croydon North, and higher than in surrounding areas.  We need more action to get people back to work and to give hope back to our young people.  There’s a great opportunity with the massive £5bn regeneration programme our Labour council has unveiled for Croydon.  This will help create over 23,000 new jobs – jobs we must prioritise for local people, and that means helping people get the training and skills they need to take them up.

Steve’s action

Steve hosted a Jobs Fair for Croydon North at Croydon College, delivering his number one promise from the by-election six months earlier.  He also organised an unemployment summit, bringing together leaders from business, the community and local public services to find innovative new ways to tackle unemployment and get people back to work.  Many are now taking part in a community-led employment project called Backr that helps unemployed people find work.

Steve is hosting a reception in Parliament for the major investors coming to Croydon and has called on them to set up a jobs brokerage to make sure local people benefit from the thousands of new jobs coming to Croydon as part of the Labour Council’s regeneration scheme.

Southern Rail

Southern Rail’s continuing poor service has left many commuters facing endless delays and cancellations. Fares have continued to rise despite falling standards of service. Steve is campaigning to have the franchise removed from the current operator, Govia Thameslink, and handed to a new operator that is directly accountable to passengers. Here are the latest updates on […]

Stop the police cuts

Croydon was hit hard by the riots in 2011.  Gangs of looters and arsonists rampaged down London Road causing untold damage as they went.  In the days afterwards the Prime Minister David Cameron and the Mayor of London Boris Johnson both promised action to protect our community.  But instead, they’ve closed every single police station […]

Save Croydon’s NHS

Save Croydon’s NHS Croydon has the biggest population of any borough in London, with over 360,000 people living here.  We also have one of the highest birth rates in the capital.  That’s why Labour opposed Tory-inspired plans to downgrade Croydon University Hospital’s A&E and maternity units in a recent consultation.  The consultation was halted in […]

Cleaner Streets

Some residents have told me they feel ashamed to bring visitors home because of the dreadful state of the streets, and potential investors have commented publicly that the filthy streets deter investors coming into the area and bringing much-needed jobs

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