Steve leads campaign against cuts to Croydon North’s schools

Steve Reed is leading the campaign against Conservative plans to slash funding for schools in Croydon North.

Under plans backed by the Conservatives and opposed by Labour, schools across Croydon North are set to lose millions of pounds in funding.  The Conservatives are cutting funding from schools in Croydon so they can hand it to residents in wealthy Surrey and other shire counties.

Steve’s put fair funding for schools at the heart of his re-election campaign, and has been out talking to parents about how much their school will lose under the plans.  You can find out how much your school is set to lose by visiting

Steve Reed said:  “Official figures show that schools in Croydon North are overcrowded, yet the Conservatives are planning more funding cuts instead of giving our children the support they need.

“The Conservatives don’t want parents to know how much their school is going to lose, so we’ve been out to explain the facts.  There’s a real sense of anger – these aren’t just figures on a spreadsheet, they’re funding cuts that mean our children will lose teachers.”