Vote Labour to save our hospital!

Labour’s Steve Reed has launched his bid for re-election as Member of Parliament for Croydon North.

Steve outlined his commitment to save Croydon University Hospital and defend local schools from Tory cuts, and to fight for fair pay and an economy that works for all.

Steve said: ‘This campaign is about the future of our vital public services. Croydon University Hospital is at risk of downgrading or closure thanks to savage Tory NHS cuts. I want Croydon University Hospital removed from the closure list immediately and given the investment it needs to improve.”

Steve also attacked Tory plans to cut local schools and send the money to wealthy shire counties instead.  He said: “ Croydon’s two Tory MPs voted to cut funding for children here in Croydon so they can send the our kids’ money to schools in places like Surrey.  It’s clear only Labour stands up for Croydon – the Tories don’t care about our community.”